​The relationship between employees and IT has long been fraught with friction. In a recent survey, half of all workers cite at least one IT-related issue per week lasting an average of 25 minutes. And 85% of IT managers agree that reckless actions by employees sometimes cause these issues. 

Businesses face many challenges today, including new remote work arrangements and post-pandemic uncertainty. Employees’ digital experience (DEX) has never been more crucial to business success. Unresolved digital issues can cause waning worker productivity, customer frustration and even employee defection if the IT-worker divide goes unchecked and unresolved. 

This webinar explores why DEX is so important, offering insights into who is responsible for addressing it and how to improve it. Viewers will learn about:

  • The nature of the IT-worker divide
  • How IT challenges can negatively impact their business
  • How to provide a positive digital experience for employees and customers