​Employment dynamics changed significantly since the pandemic. However, jobs in service, manufacturing, and healthcare positions still require employees to show up in person. As companies with frontline employees consider different solutions for their unique hiring challenges, they must also consider the newest pool of employees: Generation Z.

Gen-Z will be looking for 60 million jobs in the next decade. How are you positioned to understand their priorities and fill your frontline jobs? Watch the webinar that explores how companies with frontline staff are rethinking how they hire and manage. Experts will identify the best ways to create jobs and environments that attract and keep Gen-Z employees. Discussion topics include:

  • How frontline jobs have--or haven’t changed since the pandemic, and what that means for employees
  • What motivates Gen-Z and what are they looking for in employers?
  • What should employers do to attract Gen Z-ers to frontline jobs and to keep them hired?